4 Lesson Reflection

4 lesson reflection

9:37 pm Tuesday night. My phone rings with a call from the 207 area code, my home state of Maine. I of course answer it, fearing the worse from maybe news of my Grandmother’s passing or worse. I answer the phone. “Hello” “Mitch…this is Jocelynn Priestly.” 1993 was the year and I was about to…

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Research Your Client

research your client

I hear the sounds of the waves crashing as my skin is bronzing (or is that burning) in the hot rays of the Caribbean sun.  My body lays here on top of the beach towel and chair from the hotel property…tired from the 10-hour trip it took to arrive at this island paradise…exhausted from the…

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Lose $3000 (Or More) in 3 Minutes!

lose $3000 (or more) in 3 minutes

I just returned from a week-long vacation to Riviera Maya, Mexico.  I urge everyone to take a vacation at least once a year to recharge your batteries. Let’s face it…we all put in several days a year into our business that when we do get time to unwind and relax that we want to be…

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Catch up or Stay Ahead

catch up or stay ahead

Which would you rather do? Play catch up or bust your ass to stay ahead? As a professional speaker, I travel all over the United States speaking to different event groups and associations and if there’s one thing I’ve witnessed recently it’s a plethora of business owners lamenting the fact that their competition has passed…

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