How To Manage Your Time, Grow Your Talent & Keep Track Of Your Money To Grow Your Business

How To Manage Your Time, Grow Your Talent & Keep Track Of Your Money To Grow Your Business

Discover Ways To Overcome Your Business Hurdles
with Mitch Taylor

Here you are, years into the gig of entrepreneurship, busy. You are busy hiring, you are busy training, you are so busy working on client projects and delivering an excellent product. Yet, there are never enough hours in the day to work ON your business. There is simply too much distracting your attention. Without a solid end game in mind, you are running the race without ever feeling a victory in the finish.

I have been where you are. I have not only started several of my own businesses, but also began a business in a town where no one knew my name prior to moving there.  I have grown that service business from scratch to multiple six figures. I have coached over a hundred entrepreneurs who were already successful, but struggling in a part of their business.  Through adapting their sales structures to be more customer centric, I have assisted them in removing the struggle and truly getting what they want to get out of their business, with many going on to double or even triple their annual revenue.  I have coordinated more than 1,300 events, spoken on stages in 12 states and 3 countries (does international waters count?) to more than 120,000 audience members.

What are the common denominators for success for the thousands of people that I have worked with? What are the key takeaways that transform you from working hard at the grind to ultimately succeeding at hitting your targets?  I have found three basic principles that if applied, to any venture will help clarify your mission, simplify your action items, and ensure progress not only with your bottom line, but also your relationships. Let’s get you there together.

Ghost Assess Accelerate

Give Up Getting Ghosted, Learn How to Assess Your Business & Accelerate with Action!

Give Up The Ghost

How To Get A Response When They JUST. WON'T. RESPOND.

You turn on your computer and open up your email inbox.  Nothing.  HUH.  You just emailed your client a day ago and they haven't responded back yet.  The phone sits there...not ringing...after the meeting you had just a few days ago where they SAID they'll call you.  Sound familiar?

Join Mitch Taylor as he gives you 4 reasons of Why Ghosting Happens - and he'll even break down the "why" further for you, share with you 2 ways to prevent ghosting from happening to you, and walk you through the 3 Steps of Follow.  To wrap up this training, if/when ghosting does happen to you again, you will now be armed by Mitch's 5 ways to handle ghosting moving forward.  These are solid solutions to turn the "BOO" into "WOO!  I GOT the sale!"

Get Out Of Your Head & Get GOING!

How to Assess Your Business & Accelerate with ACTION!

2020 has hit us all hard.  It may have even knocked you off your foundation.  This is the time right now to re-imagine your business and what it CAN BE.  Join  Mitch Taylor as we dive deep into your business with "Get Out Of Your Head & Get GOING!  - How to Assess Your Business & Accelerate with ACTION!"
In this session Mitch will walk you through a business assessment form, designed to get you thinking long and short term with specific action steps you can take to grow your business.

At the end of our time together, you'll have a form that will allow you to assess your business and accelerate in your business with ACTION!

Accelerate Your Business!

How to Manage Your Time, Talent & Money and Learn to LOVE Your Business.

Sometimes the BIGGEST struggle with business owners is KNOWING what their biggest struggle is.  Why?  Their (not yours 😉 ) ego gets in the way.  People waste TIME, YEARS, ENERGY and FOCUS on things that don't really matter, intangible items that WON'T make them more money vs. systems and people who will.

In this six week intensive course, Mitch Taylor will guide you through a process designed to  maintain your focus, give you a plan to move forward to track your measureables (what are measureables - get the course to find out) and uncover ways that you can make your money work for you to ensure you are ALWAYS profitable - from DAY ONE.

Mitch Taylor

Author | Speaker | Trainer

Teaching service professionals how to serve heart first.

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Mitch Taylor, Keynote Speaker

Coaching Clients

Mitch Taylor, Keynote Speaker left the small town where he grew up in Maine and headed for the adventure of cruise ship life out of Los Angeles and Miami where he learned to read crowds while entertaining international audiences. Eventually, Mitch returned to small-town life and settled in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan to raise a family.  The lessons he learned in those early years became the foundation for starting his own company where he could serve his clients with a level of service that was unparalleled in that area. Since then business owner who still runs a company and leads a team, Mitch has authored 2 books, SALES 4 Event Pros and Creating Connections - 31 Days To Building Stronger and Deeper Relationships.  He hosts a weekday motivational kickstart 5-minute session each morning on his Facebook feed entitled #LiveAt755, and he’s never met a beach he didn’t like.

Mitch Taylor presenting ROAR keynote.

"Mitch is fantastic about customizing the needs and experiences of those he serves.”

- Jennifer Brow

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