Why It’s Not the Big FU

why its not the big fu

Why it’s not the big FU. In this case, FU means Follow Up. How do you follow up with your potential clients? With your current clients? With past clients? What…you don’t? Why not? After all the sales process doesn’t stop after you make a sale. It’s a continuous cycle that is ever-evolving and changing yet…

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How’s Your Business Plan

creating your business plan

Some songs have a VERY short shelf life…they’re built to dominate one period of time and then gone forever (for the most part).  If you want your business to be more than a one-hit-wonder, you need to ensure its life expectancy. You NEED to have a business plan that can grow with you. Failing to…

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Customer Service – 2 Stories & 2 Ways to Stand Out

2 ways to stand out customer service

Business is business. Personal is personal. Never mix the two. I left the employment of a company once because that distinction was never made. I believe in this with my whole being. Allow me to share with you two scenarios recently. One that happened to me personally with another business.  Another that happened to my…

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