3 Ways to Cut to Grow Your Business

3 ways to cut to grow your business

I was coaching a fellow entrepreneur the other day regarding his sales emails and he asked me “How do you know what to cut?” I’ve heard other great suggestions in the past from my friend The Perfect Host, Jim Cerone stating to take out all of your “I’s” and “me’s” and “my’s”. Fellow NSA speaker…

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The Mirror

the mirror

The Mirror. How often do you use it? For many, you might use it in the morning before you take off for work or head out on a date, but how often do you turn a mirror onto your business and how you are doing in it? I find many people are quick to put…

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From Your Clients Eyes… Do You Give Good Phone? Part 1

do you give good phone

The phone is another possible first point of contact that a potential client may have with you. Let’s start with what system you use. Do you only have a cell phone? VOIP? Landline? What is your preferred communication? Even in today’s day and age of everything being online, I wouldn’t rely on your primary business…

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How Convenient Are You?

how convenient are you

Convenience has popped up in many forms all around us through technology. It wasn’t less than a decade ago that charging stations first started appearing in airports near gates to assist flyers with staying charged up while waiting in line to board before traveling to their next destination. How convenient are you for your clients?…

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