Nationwide Expert in Sales, Wedding Industry, Small Business, Networking

Mitch left the small town where he grew up in Maine and headed for the adventure of cruise ship life out of Los Angeles and Miami where he learned to read crowds while entertaining international audiences. Eventually, Mitch returned to small town life and settled in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan to raise a family.  The lessons he learned in those early years became the foundation for starting his own company where he could serve his clients with a level of service that was unparalleled in that area.

Passionate about sharing what he has learned about business and sales with others, Mitch began writing and speaking in a variety of arenas. This writing for different industry publications led Mitch to speak at various conferences for event professionals over the last decade.

Mitch’s first book, SALES for Event Pros, enables business owners and sales professionals to ask the right questions early, uncover what the prospective client is looking for, and use their own expertise to solve problems. Sell from the heart…earn trust and respect while creating connections, and business relationships will prosper.

His second book, Creating Connections:  31 Days to Building Stronger & Deeper Relationships, was written with Author Vickie Musni, the co-host of his weekly video podcast also called Creating Connections.

Mitch has impacted thousands over the course of his career through interactive workshop instruction, sales mentoring, online training, and personal coaching. While being an in-the-trenches business owner who still runs a company and leads a team, Mitch has authored 2 books, SALES 4 Event Pros and Creating Connections - 31 Days To Building Stronger and Deeper Relationships.  He hosts a weekday motivational kickstart 5 minute session each morning on his Facebook feed entitled #LiveAt755, and he’s never met a beach he didn’t like.