Do You Trust Me?

do you trust me

I wrapped up a final event before flying to a conference and was amazed once again by the power of one word. At the end of the event, the sixty-something-year-old gentleman who hired me, Dick, looked me square in the eyes and said: “I trusted you to deliver tonight and you came through, went with…

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How Accessible Are You?

how accessible are you

I write this frustrated. My Internet lately at my home has been up and down, up and down and I don’t have any resolve from my Internet service provider. How often are you reachable? Sunday night my phone rang at 11 pm. I thought about answering it…looked at the caller ID and decided to let…

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Failure Isn’t Failure

failure isn't failure

Recently I was binge-watching one of ESPN’s popular series 30 for 30.  I came upon their episode This Is The XFL. The XFL debuted in 2001 within 12 months after its creation. The fact that they didn’t actually have a game plan, they didn’t have coaches or players or anything and then 12 months later…

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Search Your Past Clients

search your past clients

When I was just starting out in my business, I performed like many people do — the same way that I was taught. However, at some point, I hit a crossroads. Have you been there? You feel stuck with what you are doing. You are in a rut and don’t know if it’s really what…

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