Do You Trust Me?

I wrapped up a final event before flying to a conference and was amazed once again by the power of one word.

At the end of the event, the sixty-something-year-old gentleman who hired me, Dick, looked me square in the eyes and said: “I trusted you to deliver tonight and you came through, went with the flow and kept your promises to make this unforgettable.”

Trust. Isn’t it amazing how one word can have such a profound effect on how we do business, what we achieve in life and where we go? Trusts the ultimate reason a client hires you…or not. Do they trust you? Do you trust them?

How do you build trust? It’s a relationship that you have. Trust is built with a client in your business based upon previous reviews and word of mouth about your company. Trust continues to be developed in your company when she visits your website and the reputation that you’ve garnered is reinforced (or not) by your site. You then must back up that initial trust she placed when contacting you for a meeting by following through on your promises and maintaining your brand image through the entire sales process all the way through to the end of your performance and follow up with that client.

It’s hard work but the rewards in increased referrals are worth it.

You also need to trust in yourself and in your advisors or coaches. What, you don’t have a coach? I’d be happy to help you. Trust in yourself, your talent and abilities to be able to deliver on your promises. Too often we hear that little voice inside our head when you are thinking of doing something and the little voice says…”no you can’t”. Believe you can. Be the outward positive change in the world that you want to see. The person who most helped me with this thought process was Kyle Cease.

The biggest change to ever happen in my business happened when I started taking responsibility for the success of my client’s events and they began to trust me. My client base was happier, referred more and paid more. Trust is a powerful word and can be the catalyst for providing you a better life for you and your family. Do you trust me enough to take action on the words you have just read?

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