I Wrote That

i wrote that

I wrote that. Lately, I have seen more people complaining about not getting “credit” due to concepts that have been in the public space or business sector for YEARS prior to their usage of them. Someone, somewhere along the way also inspired you to share it. Your take on something may be uniquely your own.…

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How 40 Is the New 20

40 is the new 20

We’re going to talk about how 40 is the new 20. Think about this. People talk about how “When I turn XX age, I’m going to do this or do that.” Here’s the reality. 40 is just a number…it’s not anything beyond that. People look at their 40s as maybe time to relax and just…

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Create Entertainment

create entertainment

The ability of some people to create a unique moment of surprise and delight out of thin air is amazing. However, sometimes we can get stuck in a rut, doing the same old, same old thing. When I have this happen to me (I’m sure it’s happened to you as well), I look outside of…

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Find Your Mentor’s Mentor

find your mentors mentor

I had the pleasure of interviewing Jeffrey Gitomer for the Creating Connections For Event Pros 100th Episode podcast. My podcast partner Vickie and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. One question that I really wanted to ask Jeffrey was about his mentors, who they were and what impact they had on his life. One such mentor…

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