I Wrote That

I wrote that. Lately, I have seen more people complaining about not getting “credit” due to concepts that have been in the public space or business sector for YEARS prior to their usage of them.

Someone, somewhere along the way also inspired you to share it. Your take on something may be uniquely your own. If you can trademark that and protect your intellectual property then you absolutely should. However, do we SERIOUSLY believe that EVERYTHING we have ever done has original roots? I for one say NO. Some, yes.

Let’s look at a recent example. I believe that interpretation leads to artistry. I recently got back from a cruise on the Carnival Magic. In the Showtime Theater, their production included the song “Take My Breath Away” originally by Berlin. Of course, Berlin’s version is an original work, for which they get all the credit. However, the Carnival Magic’s production team rendition carried that song to new heights for me, especially with the visual elements introduced and their singers’ interpretation of the song. One person can like another version of an original work more than the original itself, and that’s ok.

At some point, the original needs to take pride in inspiring others to create their own artistry.

All of this being said, if you have TRULY ORIGINAL work, then it is YOUR DUTY to protect your intellectual property at all costs. Do your own research at the proper government websites for trademarks and copyrights. If you don’t, then you are left dealing with unscrupulous individuals scamming your original material and passing it off as their own. There have been many instances on social media of late of this very practice. You may feel the desire to right-click copy and paste to get photos to show your new options in lighting. Don’t be tempted. True artistry doesn’t come from copying and pasting, or “plug and play”. Create something different. Create something new. Be INSPIRED by the original work you saw, then protect your artistry. It’s the only way to rise above the haters.

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