The Phrase That Pays Part 2 – CAN

CAN We are on the second installment of our Phrase That Pays. We’re looking at the CAN of How CAN I Help You? What can you do in your business? That’s another layer of what this series is really all about. Again, the “How Can I Help You?” phrase gets bandied about often, but the…

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In Order to Lead, You Must First Be Led

in order to lead you must first be led

Some people would look at this as a controversial statement. You may think “I don’t have to be led to lead I can just get up and lead.” You are led. Every leader was led in some way shape or form. Let’s look at a recent event if you will and how that has transpired…

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Four Ways to Build Trust

4 ways to build trust

In this article, we are going to explore four ways to build trust. The first way is straight from my book “SALES 4 Event Pros” and that is Share Your Story First. There are lots of reasons why to share your story first. The first one is to allow your clients to get acclimated to…

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Build Rapport

build rapport

A past salesperson friend of mine used to talk about rapport but he pronounced it as “rappert”, which is kinda funny with today’s lexicon. This article is about finding different ways to build rapport for effective communication. Rapport happens when you are creating something personal with someone else. You create a personal connection when you…

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