Four Ways to Build Trust

In this article, we are going to explore four ways to build trust.

The first way is straight from my book “SALES 4 Event Pros” and that is Share Your Story First. There are lots of reasons why to share your story first.

The first one is to allow your clients to get acclimated to their surroundings.

Most times they’ve never been to your place of business before. Give them time to get comfortable first before you get down to business. Another way to build trust in this situation is to let them know where you’re from. However, when sharing where you are from, don’t just name a city. Craft your story in a way that builds trust. Think about where you’re from. Think about the experiences you’ve had. Think about ways you can relate that to your clients so that they connect with you on a deeper level. When you connect with people on a deeper level, it’s going to endear them to you more. For example, I share that I’m from a town of 450…people, not a hundred or thousand. Why do I say it that way? What are small towns known for? People leave their doors unlocked, everyone knows everyone. People trust people from small towns.

The second way to build trust is to share an inside glimpse of your life, a peek behind the curtain so to speak in a way that benefits THEM.

If you helped produce an event for a large name, that can definitely be a great way to show worldwide experience so to build trust and show experience with yourself. Maybe you haven’t had that worldwide experience they would recognize but more so at a local level. Share something that gives them warm fuzzies about what you could possibly create for them.

Another way to build trust is to simply do what you say you will do.

However, let’s take it a step further. Exceed their expectations. Here’s an example. I had a client yesterday call in and we had to revise her contract. I told her I’d have it to her by the end of the business day. I got it back to her within an hour. This shows exemplary customer service that shows that I’m on it that that shows that she means something to me. Yes, it’s classic under-promise over-deliver but how often do you practice it in your business?

The fourth way to really build trust and to show “WOW” for your client is to not just send a quote.

Sending a quote is so 2000 and late. Find a way you can actually present your quote in a unique manner. We just quoted a larger production in lower Michigan and instead of sending just a quote I attached a video to it via email explaining some of the ways we can make their event more memorable and utilizing some of the latest technology to do so. Have you done that? Why or why not? Have some fun in your business and share that genuine excitement with your clients. Think about how you can be forward-thinking in 2020 and beyond. How can you give your clients that experience, that vision of creating something different because every other person is sending a quote or e-mail or a price? Your opportunity exists to “WOW” them. Seize it.

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