Close your eyes. Clear your heart. Cut the cord.

“Close your eyes.  Clear your heart.” – Human – The Killers.  Rock band The Killers frontman Brandon Flowers kills (pardon the pun) with this song and lyrics.  Lyrics that are truly designed to MAKE.  YOU.  THINK.  In an interview with Rolling Stone magazine, Brandon described his song “Human” as “Johnny Cash meets the Pet Shop Boys”  If that isn’t a mash-up, I don’t know what is.  He also confessed to not putting it on their previous album Sawdust as it was “too good.”  The lyric above Close your eyes.  Clear your heart speaks to the opportunity that exists before you when you see an open door.   

Close your eyes.  Imagine that vision you have for your life.  What is it?  What do you want most?  What’s your plan to get there?  Clear your heart.  Clearing is a great exercise that is often done in the mind, but when is the last time you cleared your heart?  Your heart has lots of emotions bottled up inside it, to loved ones lost, lost loves, differences of opinions in your family circle, etc.  Clear that.  Let it go.  Finally…the continuation of the lyric above – Cut the cord.  In other words, remove whatever it is that is holding you back.  Only after you close your eyes, see your vision, know the plan in your minds eye of how to achieve what you want, only after you clear your heart of all of the misfortunes, misgivings, and times you’ve done wrong, can you truly cut the cord.  Those are #LyricsToLiveLifeBy.

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