Even the wrong words seem to rhyme

“Even the wrong words seem to rhyme.  I somehow find you and I collide.” – Collide – Howie Day.  Howie Day is a singer/songwriter from my home state of Maine, which I just learned with research of this song and lyric.  🙂  (I love how things work out sometimes).  Collide was written with Better Than Ezra frontman Kevin Griffin, who had the title of the song before he ever worked out the lyrics and melody with Day.  Griffin explained that sometimes coming up with a great title is tough, because then the writer is determined to come up with lyrics and a melody that lives up to the song title, and this was certainly one of those instances.  The irony in the song comes when Howie Day sings “Even the wrong words seem to rhyme. I somehow find.  You and I collide.”  The words find and collide don’t rhyme, yet they do work together, just as what the song is truly all about, opposite personalities attracting.  

In my personality training, it’s said that most first marriages are made up of people of opposite personalities, as it’s true that opposites attract.  Collide reflects that, as it’s about one person who is more closed off falling in love with someone else a bit more gregarious.  Falling in love is like that, two opposite personalities realizing they complete each other.  Take the time today to tell your spouse or significant other how much you love them, their impact on you and reminisce on the amazing moment that the two of you collided.  Those are #LyricsToLiveLifeBy. 

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