I’m A Survivor

I’m a Survivor.  I’m not gon’ give up.  I’m not gon’ stop.  I’m gon’ work harder – Survivor – Destiny’s Child.  This song was inspired by the real life breakup of the group Destiny’s Child, after former members LeToya and LaTavia sued Beyonce, her Father Matt and fellow member Kelly Rowland.  Beyonce says that this song was a defining moment in the group Destiny’s Child as with their success came a lot of negativity.  

Was there a defining moment in your career, where a “hater” made you change course, do something different, or work to prove them wrong?  Many people are motivated by “haters” (yours truly included).  I’m not sure if it’s the revenge factor, if it’s wanting to go to a different level of yourself than they once knew, or what is truly behind the motivation?  What is it for you? 

For some, this is being a survivor.  For the man or woman that’s beat up by their significant other (for the time being), it’s truly more of a physical state of survival.  Whether it be surviving something or someone physically, mentally, emotionally or psychologically, you more than likely have a story of your own that speaks to your survival.  This situation has also more than likely caused some trauma in your life.  Have you discussed this with someone before?  Take a moment to reflect on your past moments of being and/or becoming a survivor in your own right.  Be proud of where you stand today.  You survived.  You didn’t give up.  You didn’t stop.  You worked harder.  Now, keep going.

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