You Are Beautiful

Christina Aguilera’s 2nd hit from her Stripped album, “Beautiful” was written by Linda Perry.  Linda says that she “wrote the song based on being extremely insecure, and not feeling that you’re good enough, or not pretty enough, or not smart enough, and hearing too many people tell you those things, and it finally affecting you to a point where you just think you’re ugly and pointless. So I wrote that song because that’s how I felt. Even beautiful people like Christina may be insecure inside (and have imperfections in other ways)”.  

This song was an anthem in many ways for teenagers in the early 2000s, and it still rings true today. Way before Beyonce and Pink were on the self love crusade, Christina Aguilera brought us this classic.  The songwriting is beyond freakin perfect (pun intended) as Christina soulfully transitions from “I am beautiful” to “You are beautiful” to “We are beautiful”.  The beginning of this song is sung from the perspective of being vulnerable while the ending is more triumphant and believing that we are ALL beautiful in our own way.   

This reminds me of positive affirmations and the video clip I have shown in seminars featuring a little girl standing on a stool in her bathroom while getting ready in the morning and saying “My whole house is great…I like my Mom…I like my Dad…I like my friends…I can do anything”  When was the last time you stopped what you were doing and thought about your blessings, and realized how beautiful you truly are?  Those are #LyricsToLiveLifeBy  

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