Time is our biggest asset and liability all in one. Do you spend your time or do you invest your time? Time is fleeting they say. One of my favorite quotes on the subject of time comes from Delmore Schwarz, “Time is the fire in which we burn.” Do you have a spouse? Children? Family…

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The Detailed Process

the detailed process

This is a billboard outside of my new office. It has now been a reminder to me for a couple of weeks to have “attention to detail”. Our local casino is bringing in Trace Adkins but according to this billboard they aren’t bringing him in to perform but “Trace Atkins”. Common mistake but what does…

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What’s Your Experience?

whats your experience

Recently I was dining at a hotel restaurant for breakfast and was shocked to see that a 3 egg omelet was $20. While at first, I was thinking of turning around and going across the street to get McDonald’s I decided to continue. Why? Everything about this restaurant spoke FIRST CLASS. The surroundings were impeccable. The…

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Business Is Business, Art Is Art

business is business

“Business is business and art is art. You can support whatever art you want if you run a successful business”. That’s a quote from Jon Taffer, of Bar Rescue fame. Many entrepreneurs (especially if they are a service-based business not delivering a tangible product) look at what we do as “art”. I would agree to…

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