The Detailed Process

the detailed process

This is a billboard outside of my new office. It has now been a reminder to me for a couple of weeks to have “attention to detail”.

Our local casino is bringing in Trace Adkins but according to this billboard they aren’t bringing him in to perform but “Trace Atkins”. Common mistake but what does this say about their business? What do simple mistakes of spelling, punctuation or worse yet communication say about your business?

Every error is not always found by using spell check, as witnessed above. The simple answer is that everything has to be proofread but let’s dig a bit deeper. Who’s proofreading your process? Who’s ensuring that everything you do in your business follows through to completion? If the answer is you because you are chief cook and bottlewasher then it may be time to invest in some help. 

Here are some tips to get you started in your BUSINESS.

  1. Start by writing everything down that you do for a process, whether it be your marketing, production, sales flow or gear maintenance. 
  2. Next, type this out and give it to every person that comes in contact with that process.
  3. Proofread it for errors. ☺
  4. Follow your process for every system every time. This is how BIG business ensures that everything is up to code and that the ultimate goal of happy customers is achieved.

By having a process for EVERY aspect of your company you ensure follow through and you have a plan of action for how to handle almost every situation that comes your way.

Yes, it’s W*RK to do this but your future rewards will be great just for following through every time. The bottom line is to never shortcut your processes and pay attention to the details. The details can often be the difference between a sale or no sale and happy customers who refer people or ones that say “Ehh…they were just OK.” Which type of client would you rather serve?

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