What’s Your Experience?

Recently I was dining at a hotel restaurant for breakfast and was shocked to see that a 3 egg omelet was $20.

While at first, I was thinking of turning around and going across the street to get McDonald’s I decided to continue. Why?

Everything about this restaurant spoke FIRST CLASS. The surroundings were impeccable. The waiter was extremely polite and cordial, asking us how quickly we had to make it to our next event in the morning. The menu had soufflés and other higher-end options with top ingredients listed in their offerings. I thought to myself “Let’s see what a $20 omelet tastes like”.

Our food came and it was absolutely phenomenal.

The eggs were fluffy, the vegetables were not too over or undercooked. The meat was seasoned perfectly and tender. The cheese was melted just enough to pull in all of the flavors of the omelet together.

What does this experience have to do with you? Everything.

What’s your presentation? Look at all of your service offerings and see if they are congruent. Does your website match the level of service you offer? Think like your ideal customer or better yet, create a focus group from your past customers. How? Ask them. If you’re TRULY building a business with raving fans, they will be willing to help out, especially if you can provide them with a small token of your appreciation.

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