Stop, Collaborate and Listen!

stop collaborate and listen

If you grew up during the late 80s early 90s you no doubt recognize the words above as the lyric from that great philosopher Vanilla Ice from his hit “Ice Ice Baby”. On the surface, these lyrics seem rather unpretentious…unassuming and totally lack depth…right? While I wouldn’t always be the one to take business advice…

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Have you ever thought about your scars? Now you may think…scars? That’s kind of an odd topic for a blog post and I would tend to agree with you, but hear me out. We all have scars, like them or not. I’ve got a scar on my wrist that I’ve had since I was 11…

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The lyrics of Kenny Chesney’s song “Reality” For me it’s a beach barOr on a boat underneath the starsOr with my band up on a stageFor a while everything’s okayFor some it’s a fast carMoonshine in a mason jarAnd everybody has their waySomehow to escapeReality We all have ways of coping with our own realities.…

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You’re Quite the Talker

you're quite the talker

“You’re quite the talker,” the man said next to me. I had just finished wrapping up a phone call with my friend Marcello when I heard this gentleman’s gruff voice. I turned to him as my eyes scanned over his tall lanky frame with silver-white hair. I said, “Yeah…sorry about that” realizing that the man…

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