The lyrics of Kenny Chesney’s song “Reality”

For me it’s a beach bar
Or on a boat underneath the stars
Or with my band up on a stage
For a while everything’s okay
For some it’s a fast car
Moonshine in a mason jar
And everybody has their way
Somehow to escape

We all have ways of coping with our own realities.

For many small business owners, their reality is that they are a slave to their business. Others still, they can’t seem to catch a break. Many people fell in LOVE with a certain aspect of their business…the creation of their product, the selling of their service, etc. They tend to talk bad about those that sell at higher prices but yet don’t seek out knowledge that can help them change their situation. Don’t get me started on the whole pay for knowledge argument…

Business can truly be cutthroat and cold. Many others find a lending hand and ear in other entrepreneurs that are not in their market. I know of a business owner who had a partnership go very wrong, yet that was several years ago. He still wallows in blame and negativity, not taking the bull by the horns and controlling his own destiny in his business. The life that is painted on social media is someone else’s often distorted version of the truth. That is not reality, and why? Because reality isn’t often that interesting.

Never be a second rate someone else. Always be a first-rate version of yourself.

Here are 2 ways to cope with any situation you may be going through in your business.

  1. Have an open mind. Many times we get stuck in our ways, we know what is good and what works because we have been doing this for umpteen years. The person that is not growing is not going anywhere. I have learned one of my favorite tools I use in my business from one of the worst performers that I ever saw. You can learn from anyone, including what and when to do it. Starve the ego, feed the soul.
  2. As Eminem said, “you better lose yourself in the moment”. Losing oneself in a moment can be a GREAT way to cope with anything going on in your life, business or personal. Taking a mental break, getting lost in a song (or two) is good for you. If you are having a bad day, take the rest of the day off. Be cognizant that one day shouldn’t turn into two or more. However, sometimes that can be the best way to get over something at work.

Drugs and alcohol really should not be used to cope with any situation you are or may be facing. Find positive ways to cope. Your body and mind will thank you for it.

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