Have you ever thought about your scars? Now you may think…scars? That’s kind of an odd topic for a blog post and I would tend to agree with you, but hear me out.

We all have scars, like them or not. I’ve got a scar on my wrist that I’ve had since I was 11 or 12 years old from a time when I had a knife in the woods when I was very young. Another one on the same wrist I see almost every day that was from when I flipped my bike at around the same age. Scars remind us of where we were at different places or events in our lives. They bring us back to things that we have done, maybe we’re proud of, maybe we’re not. They remind us who we were and our thought processes at that time in our lives, good or bad. Scars make us who we are. Without going through that situation, without going through that moment in time in our lives, we wouldn’t be the same person as we are today.

Scars are more than just physical, they’re emotional too. They bring you back to a time in your life when you were affected deeply by someone or something.

They have shaped you as a person. We shouldn’t look at it as a standpoint of, “Oh, I wish I would have done that” or “I wish I wouldn’t have done that”. Be grateful for the fact that you did it, that you can move forward from it, and hopefully proud of those lessons learned from your scars. What are some of the lessons from the scars you’ve had in your life?

Scars are not just physical or emotional in your personal life, but also in your business life. What are some of the lessons you’ve learned from scars in your business life? Maybe it’s a falling out with a colleague that taught you not to trust everybody. Maybe it’s a lesson you’ve learned from a former employee who has proven to you that you can trust some people to treat you fairly and follow through on their word. The whole point of your scars is how you learn from them. People say that if you don’t know your history you’re bound to repeat it.

How did you become better from that situation? What did you gain from having that scar?

Let that scar be a daily telltale reminder to you of what you went through, how to handle that situation the next time you have it happen to you, and how to move forward from it.

What were some of the life lessons you’ve learned from your scars, either physical, emotional or business-related? Reach out and let me know at Thanks for reading.

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