Share Your HEART

share your heart

In sales, it’s VITAL to get to the emotion. People buy on emotion and justify on logic. You must tug at their heartstrings to appeal to their emotions. How do you do that? YOU have to have a heart. The heart is an acronym that I recently developed while getting ready to present on a…

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The Phrase That Pays Part 1 – HOW

the phrase that pays

HOW There’s a phrase that pays in business and we will explore that exact phrase over the next few articles of mine here on the blog. This single phrase will pay you one way or another depending on how you use this phrase. I just gave you one of the words in this phrase. The…

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A Shakespearean quote from “As You Like It” written nearly 400 years ago “All the world’s a stageAnd all the men and women merely playersThey have their exits and entrancesAnd one man in his time plays many parts” An artist needs 4 things in order to create. Script, Props, Stage, and Inspiration. Ever written a…

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Mental Toughness

mental toughness

I talk to a lot of different entrepreneurs and service based businesses and they always seem to have a word or two complaining about their client base. “They won’t email me back.” “All they want is the price.” The day to day week to week month to month sales process can suck the life out…

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Send and Defend

send and defend

It really doesn’t matter where you turn online or in the media, someone somewhere is saying something that they immediately regret, and wish they could take back. What happens in the post-conference presser in sports may not matter as much (although it makes great headlines in the sports world). It’s what happens online that does…

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