Mental Toughness

I talk to a lot of different entrepreneurs and service based businesses and they always seem to have a word or two complaining about their client base. “They won’t email me back.” “All they want is the price.”

The day to day week to week month to month sales process can suck the life out of your passion you have for why you got into business in the first place. You look at your competitor and they are crushing it. So what separates the companies who are just scraping by to the ones who are killing it every month, netting $10k, $30k, $50k a month? Answer: Mental toughness and knowing who to place on what task to achieve maximum results.

There are many entrepreneurs who try to wear too many hats. Do what you’re great at and hire out the rest. Trust me, I’ve been there. The key is to formulate a business plan and decide where your efforts would be best invested. You must have the mental toughness hour in hour out, day in day out, week in week out, month in month out, year in year out if you really want to explode your business to new heights.

Business Rules To Profit By

  1. Get up earlier. I’m at my office by 8 am every day.
  2. Delegate tasks you suck at. I’ve got a bookkeeper for a reason. 🙂
  3. Daily to-do list should be accomplished within six hours or less.
  4. Eat lunch at least one day a week with a colleague or one of your clients.
  5. Create short, mid and long term achievements. Write them where you see them every day.
  6. Pay well. The people on your customer service front lines are who take care of the people who sign your paycheck. They MUST be happy.
  7. Save at least three months’ worth of operating expenses.
  8. Handwritten thank-you notes. Put handwritten post it notes on mailed contracts.
  9. Recharge your batteries when necessary. As I write this I’m on a flight to San Juan for a much-needed vacation.
  10. Pay it forward. Give back to your community and your clients. The rewards will come back to you tenfold.
  11. Attitude. It WILL make or break you. Choose positively and be amazed at the impact you can have in the world around you.
  12. Celebrate a sale! Feel good about a meeting with a new client.  Be in the moment.

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