The Phrase That Pays Part 1 – HOW


There’s a phrase that pays in business and we will explore that exact phrase over the next few articles of mine here on the blog. This single phrase will pay you one way or another depending on how you use this phrase. I just gave you one of the words in this phrase. The phrase is “How Can I Help You? Now, …that’s a throwaway phrase in our society for the vast majority of businesses. However, if you say it with purpose, with meaning and sincerity, it can put you on the path to the sale. I believe that this phrase and frankly every step of the sales process needs a dissection to truly understand its meaning.

Wait…before you stop reading and think “I know this”, think again. This is a time for self-reflection. This is not a time for you to say, “Well I know how to do that.” As sure as I am writing this piece, I know that this, if taken to heart, is going to help you. I want you to really dig deep. Look into how you use this in your business.

Let’s start with How. By definition, the word “how” means in what way or manner or by what means.

Now the word “means” suggests that there are several different ways to do this. In the absence of sales, this could be verbal. It could be a link to your website, it could be a physical meeting or it could be video footage that you show. There are several ways to accomplish the “how” of  “How can I help you?” List out all of the different ways that you could do this in your business. How many can you come up with? Next, truthfully ask yourself “Are you mastering each of those steps?” or specifically “HOW are you mastering each one of those steps?

The how is crucial. If you truly want to get unique, if you truly want to get different, then you need to approach your business from a blank piece of paper. Forget what you did last week, month and year (especially if you find it not working very well). If you were searching (like your customer is) for the perfect (insert your service or product here), what would YOU want? Grab a colleague of yours sit down over coffee and chat and brainstorm together the process out.

Think and talk about HOW you can truly reinvent your process of HOW you help your customers.

How can I help you? By breaking down this phrase over the next several articles you will begin to look at the opportunity that exists for you right now to reinvent your customer service and your business.

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