Personality and YOU

personalities for business

I’ve been in sales my entire life. My parents gave us the option as a family to choose a trip or a VCR at the time. I persuaded them to get the VCR as I thought at the time we could have extra entertainment anytime we wanted vs. a few days of fun. Fast forward…

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How Do You Sound?

how do you sound

The plane began to free fall for at least three seconds but it felt like thirty. Bumpiness under your seat and your stomach hit the back of your throat as you lurch back up again only to plunge for a few more seconds which feels like a minute. Just as we start to level off…

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Drop Your Pants

drop your pants

That’s an old adage that is used in the car business when the salesperson would come in from the lot and talk to the manager about the customer who only wanted to know the price of the red Chevy Impala on the lot. No matter what the salesperson tried to say or do, the customer…

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Setting the Stage

setting the stage

In this month’s article, we’re going to talk about setting the stage. If you’ve followed me for any length of time you know that I am a big Jeffrey Gitomer fanboy, and have always loved his fresh, real-world approach to sales. However, Jeffrey Gitomer didn’t write my favorite sales book of all time. My favorite…

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2 Communication Reminders

two communication reminders

Recently I was part of an exchange with a fellow businessperson, that reminded me of a couple of principles, one of which I had forgotten. Number 1: There are a time and a place for communication. If/when you have constructive criticism or if you’re worried about someone, then the time and place to talk about…

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