Personality and YOU

I’ve been in sales my entire life. My parents gave us the option as a family to choose a trip or a VCR at the time. I persuaded them to get the VCR as I thought at the time we could have extra entertainment anytime we wanted vs. a few days of fun.

Fast forward to later in life and I’ve taken many sales courses and even taken the DiSC profile system as well. If you think about it we as people communicate with others every single day and influence others to see things our way. You may have had similar experiences. To date, I haven’t found anything that resonates with me as much for describing and understanding people as Personalities For Business does.

Want to change your outlook on life in under an hour? READ THIS BOOK. Author Vickie Musni has created the busy business owner’s guide to increasing sales and improving business relationships with her breakthrough book Personalities For Business. Now, this isn’t JUST for business owners. Anyone can and will not only dramatically improve their closing ratios and increase their bottom line but COMMUNICATE better with the people they come in contact with on a daily basis, just by following Vickie’s suggestions within.

In this book, Vickie outlines the four personality types and walks you through each one.

You will discover which one you are, which in turn helps you better understand how you need to adapt to work with the other personality types you come in contact with various settings throughout life. From advertising and shopping, interviewing and hiring, to networking and selling – the tips and techniques to improve every aspect of your business and relationships are here.

Why did this book connect with me SO MUCH? Maybe because Vickie and I are the same personality type. Want to know what that is? Buy her book at and start your journey to profitable Personalities For Business now.

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