2 Communication Reminders

Recently I was part of an exchange with a fellow businessperson, that reminded me of a couple of principles, one of which I had forgotten.

Number 1: There are a time and a place for communication. If/when you have constructive criticism or if you’re worried about someone, then the time and place to talk about it is in private and NOT when you are in a public setting. Bringing up something at an inappropriate time Is a huge turnoff, breaks down communication and it doesn’t promote a healthy relationship.

That being said, hardly anything in life is private anymore. Everyone everywhere has a recording device both audio and video in their pockets. Walk around Vegas or practically ANYWHERE in public and SMILE! You’re on CAMERA! For someone to think that they have “privacy” anymore, ESPECIALLY online, well let me just state one thing. You’re fooling yourself.

So what’s one to do, if given the above situation? Either meet in person or pick up the phone. Yes, one can still be recorded on the phone but it’s MUCH better than trying to keep things “private” in a private message online which can be sent as a screenshot to anyone anywhere at any time.

Welcome to the fishbowl.

Number 2 Communication Reminder: Your job in sales is to focus on the positive. If you tell your clients that there are rules that you have to follow, or you have to do this and this has to be this way or else this can’t happen, that’s a DEAL KILLER. Sell the experience! People don’t want to hear negativity. Do you like being told what you have to do? NO! Share with them what you can do for them. Ensure they understand how you can help, AND how it benefits THEM. Your clients don’t need to know the inner workings of your job behind the scenes, what you have to do, what i’s to dot and t’s you have to cross. That’s just menial work that is on your end. Don’t kill the sale with minutia.

Sure, there may be certain things that need explaining but you do it in an understanding way, not one that sabotages the very relationship you are trying to cultivate. By keeping these two communication reminders in mind, you’re sure to at least TRY not to damage a relationship and may even make a few more sales.

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