Are You Naked in Front of Your Clients?

naked clients

Are you naked in front of your clients? You should be. But Mitch…I don’t want to be naked in front of my clients…are you kidding me? Of course…I’m not talking about actually physically being naked but letting yourself truly be exposed. Sharing the real “you”. Many of us put up a “business” in front of…

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Two Questions to Connect Faster

two questions to connect faster

Lately I’ve been super busy moving my office (which I highly DON’T RECOMMEND during the busy season), traveling (business and pleasure), and keeping up with the business side of things.  What amazed me after this past week is how much of a TIME SUCK Facebook and other social media is! I glanced at some of…

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Be in the Moment

be in the moment

I went through the McDonald’s drive-thru early this morning to get a mocha. I’m greeted by the auto-attendant in a cheerful voice saying “welcome to McDonald’s would you like to try a hot mocha?”. I respond “Yes, can I have a large mocha please?” and the same voice comes back with “I’m sorry sir our…

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Document Your Process

document your process

Do you have your process documented? Now, before you say, “Yes, Mitch, everything about my sales process and presentation to a client is documented”, stop. Yes of course as a Sales Trainer I am speaking of your sales process, but not just your sales process with a new lead that comes in. What happens if…

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