Be in the Moment

I went through the McDonald’s drive-thru early this morning to get a mocha. I’m greeted by the auto-attendant in a cheerful voice saying “welcome to McDonald’s would you like to try a hot mocha?”.

I respond “Yes, can I have a large mocha please?” and the same voice comes back with “I’m sorry sir our mocha machine is broken”. I was a bit surprised but then again this is McDonald’s we are talking about.

This person at the window was obviously not in the moment when he was taking my order and didn’t try to offer a free beverage or an alternative to appease the customer.  He was just doing his job and going through the motions.

Be honest with yourself. How often do you go through the motions when you are talking with a client? “I’m sure they can’t hear me typing on the other end of the phone and if they do they probably think I’m taking notes about them.” People aren’t stupid. My colleagues have busted me personally on this and it’s something I strive to get better at now and in the future. The point is you should have so much respect for that relationship and moment to allow it to happen again.

That’s your LIVELIHOOD on the other end of the phone or across the table from you.

Here are 3 steps to help you avoid the generic presentation at your next event.

  1. In meeting with your client in person, SHUT OFF YOUR PHONE or at a bare minimum, put it on thrill (vibrate) mode.  Focus your attention on them by listening with your eyes and your ears.
  2. Do take notes in your conversation with them.  Let them see your screen to even more prove trust in your relationship so they know you’re not getting distracted with something else not as meaningful in the moment.
  3. Review your notes before your next meeting with your client and confirm details that will help you reconnect with them on a deeper level and further your connection.

I hope these steps are helpful for you to get in the zone and go above and beyond for your clientele by truly being in the moment.

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