6 Ways to Create a Buying Atmosphere

6 ways to create buying atmosphere

One of my favorite Jeffrey Gitomer quotes is “People don’t like to be sold but they love to buy.” If that’s true, then we need to study specifically how to help your customers buy from you. Let’s dive right in and give you six ways to do just that.  Use verbiage that is conversational. Just…

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Three Focuses to Make Thousands vs Hundreds

3 focuses to make thousands vs hundreds

Do you want to just make a sale and earn a commission? Or do you want to know how to make a relationship and actually earn a fortune? That’s the difference. Too often we’re focused on that one time sale. You know the deal. I got to book this next one. I’ve got a book…

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The S3 Strategy

two concepts to serve your clients better

The S3 Strategy. This is the formula for success in business and in life, and it’s kind of my combined take of two different concepts that I’ve learned over the years, one that was graciously given to me by a past client of mine and one that I learned from the book “The Closers” by…

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Product and Solution Focused

product solution focus

Windstar Cruising. It was absolutely was one of the best vacation experiences of my life. My wife and I went on a ship that was literally one-tenth the size of a ship that I used to work on, it was a yacht. The larger ships have everyone lining up in different places, except for a…

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Never Put All Your Eggs in One Basket

never put all of your eggs in one basket

I’ve shared a few personal stories here over the last few months and this article is going to be no different. If you’ve ever heard me speak you’ve heard me talk about growing up in a log cabin in a small town in Ripley Maine, a population about 450 people. What you don’t know is…

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