Three Focuses to Make Thousands vs Hundreds

Do you want to just make a sale and earn a commission? Or do you want to know how to make a relationship and actually earn a fortune? That’s the difference.

Too often we’re focused on that one time sale. You know the deal. I got to book this next one. I’ve got a book this next one…I got to book that one.

Here’s the problem. You need to do the daily work it takes to focus on cultivating the relationship with the client. I can’t stress how important this is. I want to give you three things that you need to go through to cultivate that relationship with the client.

The first thing is attitude. Attitude is everything. I spoke about this at one of the first seminars I ever gave. You must have an attitude of service. You can’t go into it like Tommy Boy in the restaurant with his new sale, his pretty new pet, where he DESTROYS his roll. You can’t screw with your mind like that. You have to go into it with a “how can I help you” attitude. “It’s a conversation, not a confrontation.” Thank you to my friend Jake Palmer for that nugget from years ago at a conference. I still love it today.

You need to clear your mind of everything else going on and figure out how you can serve them best.

The second thing you want to do is to talk about their vision. What’s their vision? What is your vision? Do they match? That’s a huge question mark. You want to make sure that you’re not booking clients that you’re going to look back on later and wish you didn’t.

Many people have recommended in the past that disc jockeys ask this question of their wedding couples “Tell me three words to describe your day.” LAME. Let’s make it a little more conversational. Try this instead. Ask, “If you could be a fly on the wall as your guests are driving home from your event…what do you want them to say? That’s very conversational.

Another question you could ask “What is the biggest memory you want to take away from your wedding day?” or “What do you want your guests to feel? It’s a year later. What do you want to set about your wedding?” By asking emotional questions that paint the picture of the outcome already happening, you’re going to put that client there, at that moment, on that day. You also ensure that she knows you understand how important this day is, the importance of their event.   

The third thing is you want to find out their story.

Not necessarily how they met and fell in love and all that, but more so about why are they looking to hire you? What problem are they looking for you to solve? Then it’s your turn to pick the right story from your past experience that can prove to them that you are the person for the job. 

For most couples, this is their very first five or six-figure party ever. Rely on your expertise to help them through that process. Your job isn’t to make announcements, play music, show up on time, ask them what songs they want to hear or any of that. What’s your ultimate job? Your ultimate job is to help your client. Period. If you follow the above steps, have a helping attitude, talk vision with your clients and share stories of how you can address the problems or challenges they are facing. If you paint the picture of their outcome with you at the helm of their event and put your client’s first, you will make thousands versus hundreds. 

The formula is here, now it’s time to put in the work.

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