6 Ways to Create a Buying Atmosphere

One of my favorite Jeffrey Gitomer quotes is “People don’t like to be sold but they love to buy.” If that’s true, then we need to study specifically how to help your customers buy from you.

Let’s dive right in and give you six ways to do just that.

  1.  Use verbiage that is conversational. Just the other day I was coaching a fellow entrepreneur and his response to a client was really long and drawn out, with a lot more “I’s” and “me’s”. It’s much better to be conversational in your approach and make it about them. Don’t use big, fluffy, and over-descriptive words. Speak to them the same way you would to a friend.  
  2. Throw away the throwaways. By throwaways I mean the things you say that you really don’t mean. If you don’t REALLY want to know how they are doing, then don’t ask. Smile. Greet them warmly. Be genuine. Get a guttural reaction or a reaction that comes from the heart. Treat them just as you want to be treated. I know it sounds simple and corny, but the reality is that right now you are reading this saying “I know that” when you should be asking yourself “How good am I at that?”
  3. Use their names. If you have a business that clients visit, put their name in lights or write their name upon a chalkboard. Find a way to customize your space to welcome your clients. This is a very simple way to make them feel cared for. When they walk into your space, they’ll say “Oh…look…our name is up!” The sweetest sound in the world is someone’s name (spelled right, mind you). This is a very easy way to make a great first impression and set that buying atmosphere.
  4. Create a buying atmosphere for others in your area and provide additional value to your clients. Here’s a quick story: When I was moving into office space in my downtown area, I actually had to get a variance to get my building here because I was a service-based business. This was zoned retail. What I had to do was show that I was going to bring value to downtown. I showed the city council how many people would be coming into our space for meetings and appointments. This would also provide additional traffic and value to area restaurants and businesses by bringing new people into the area that wouldn’t ordinarily be in our downtown. Take that a step further and give away a 10 percent off for dinner coupon to a local restaurant or give them a coupon for coffee.
  5. Get “Yes” before you move on. Don’t waste your entire meeting just sitting there wondering where you are. You know I’ve done that in the past and I’m sure you have as well but don’t waste your entire meeting wondering where you’re at in the process. Get more yes’s. As you go through ask “Does this sound like something that appeals to you or does this sound like something that you’re looking for?” Or “Can you see this happening?” By taking their temperature you have a better idea of where you stand and if you should move forward.
  6. Drop a quick text or an email about an hour after your meeting saying “hey thanks for meeting with us.” If you want to take it to the next level. touch upon something personal. I mean sure you can set up an autoresponder to do these things and that will be fine. However, when it is personalized and sent from you personally that will have a much bigger impact. Autoresponders should never feel like they’re an autoresponder. I’d much rather take the time and create that personal touch.

There you have it. Six ways to create a buying atmosphere. Happy Selling!

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