Going From 4 Star to 5 Star Service

Recently I attended and presented at a conference in Las Vegas. My experience this past week in Las Vegas using Uber varied wildly. Some Uber drivers were very friendly, some just business-like, while others went above and beyond.

What was the difference? The difference was the individual drivers’ attitude of caring about the individual passenger. One lunch trip took us far from the strip, in a relatively residential area where we stumbled upon John Mull’s Road Kill Grill. The Uber driver asked us if we knew for sure where we were going and I assured him it was OK. At the end of the drive, it asks you to rate your experience by pressing 1 to 5 stars. I rated him 5 stars as we got there safe and sound and he cared about our safety.

Another Uber driver in the evening figured out a way to ensure he ALWAYS got 5-star reviews. When we got in the Uber he pulled around the corner and offered each of us a small bottle of ice water. GENIUS! When you are an out-of-town traveler in a place like Vegas and not accustomed to the dry heat, this one small gesture can be seen as a lifesaver. The Uber driver not only proved he cared, but he went above and beyond by providing us with something that he knew most out of town people needed in a situation where they are constantly on the go. He made our Uber experience with him the BEST we have ever had before because he found a way to go above and beyond in service, and deliver timely value, thereby proving that he was THE BEST choice in regards to ride services.

Now, how can you apply this to YOUR business? Simply ask your customers the question “What can we do that would enhance your service with us?”

By asking this one question a wedding photographer I coached found a brilliant way to help not only the bridal couple but also their attendants as well and increase her word of mouth referrals. Since she is with the couple most of the day and people have to eat, she started providing a small menu of food options that she could have her assistant provide at a downtime shortly before or after the ceremony. This was a boon to her referral base as many of the bridesmaids and groomsmen were in a position to hire a wedding photographer in the near future or knew of people who were.

The key here is to find a need and fill it. Become the GO-TO person in your marketplace, the guy or gal with all of the answers. Ask your clients what else they would want if they were creating their own service in your niche and what they would want out of it. Those answers, combined with a little bit of hard work and ingenuity can go a long way to exploding your referrals and your business.

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