Devil Is in the Details

A long time ago I was working in Metro Detroit performing at weddings. I had a client who had a Friday night reception, and they hired a horse-drawn carriage to bring them from the ceremony site to the reception.

At the time, I thought that was an awesome touch. The problem is they didn’t factor in the fact that they’d be traveling through the Detroit traffic to get to the country club and therefore arriving an hour and a half late. This caused dinner to be an hour and a half late that evening and guests were eating their rolls at the tables first.

They didn’t have someone to be a planner for them. They didn’t have someone to have the foresight for them to say hey it’s not really a good idea, and back then I wasn’t as detail-oriented and experienced as I am now. The devil is in the details. You need to be eyes and ears to overcome obstacles for your clients. What details are they missing? Your client is only looking at everything they need. They’re not looking at the outcome of how you help them and make their life better.

We live and learn. We grow with experiences right. Share your experience with your client in a way that helps them get to their desired outcome.

Think about ways you can differentiate yourself by sharing your experience. Maybe you have a video you create of walking your client through the process. Think about how you can differentiate yourself from any other service business and serve your clients better. Another way to differentiate yourself is in your delivery of your product or service to your clients. I just got an email yesterday from someone who thanked me for a checklist I sent that showed I cared about their outcome. How can you have a better delivery system for your clients that deliver something of value? Put on your thinking cap, get together with another entrepreneur and brainstorm ways to get better at the Triple D. Details, Differentiation, and Delivery.  The end result will be another D. Dollars in your bank account.

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