Drive You, Destroy You, Define You

I recently thought about this and I wanted to share it with you here and that was the concept of “Drive you or Destroy you.”

Whatever the moments are that happened to you, whatever goes on in your life, your reaction can drive you or destroy you. What is your reaction? Now, not only will anything that happens to you, for you, with you really drive you or destroy you, but they will also define you. Let’s explore these 3 concepts deeper.

Drive. It’s part of why I started my LiveAt755 video series. Haven’t seen it? Send me a friend request on Facebook to get it live every weekday morning or go to and search the blog for #LiveAt755 to watch previous episodes. LiveAt755 was created because I wanted to have something to inspire me, selfishly. I also wanted to share thoughts and ideas and hoped that others would appreciate the positive words and encouragement each morning to start their day. The response has been overwhelmingly positive. Where do you get your drive? Let’s see how this applies to our business.

Here’s a sales situation that most people would jump at.

What if I gave you a group of people who all wanted to buy what you are selling? You would love that right? All salespeople want to have a group of people who want to buy what they are selling. Here’s the rub. It doesn’t exist unless you work for it. The sales funnel of people wanting your services doesn’t work unless you’re making daily connections every single day. In the world of sales, you MUST be a self-starter and have DRIVE.

Okay…so how can I build up that sales funnel? Go back through your customer database of people that already believe in people that already bought from you and people that already want to help you. What have you done to be able to show your past customers some love to earn future referrals? How are you ensuring that your name is on the tip of their tongue the next time one of their friends says they need your product or service? I encourage you to take the daily steps that are needed. Reach out to someone today and actually see what you can do to help him or her. It might be something simple. It might be something just as simple as a hello or maybe a thank you card in the mail. What causes are near and dear to your heart? How can you align your business with the cause to give back and also get exposure for your business? Recently we were a part of Toys for Tots campaign that helped less fortunate families in our community have a better Christmas.

The key is you have to put in the work, every day.

Maybe you are struggling to get leads. It’s okay to take a mental break occasionally. It’s okay to take one day off if necessary to re-focus your brain on what’s important in your business. Sometimes we need that. However, don’t wallow in self-pity over your situation. This can destroy you if you let it. Mental fortitude and a positive attitude are the enemies of destruction. Use them wisely. Read positive daily affirmations. Pick up Jeffrey Gitomer’s Little Gold Book Of YES! Attitude for help in this area. Do something kind for someone else. Staying positive regardless of the situation you are facing will ensure that the destroy mindset doesn’t remain in your head.

Ultimately, your reaction to any situation will define you. In today’s world where everyone has a camera on their phone and you are being recorded virtually everywhere in a public setting, your actions are out there. Think First. Act Second. Take moments to say thank you. Take a moment to acknowledge those who came before you. Take moments to react and act in a responsible manner. Your definition is waiting to be written and the best thing about that is that you are the author. You get to decide. Will you be driven or will you be destroyed? Your definition is all up to you.

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