Education and the Pool

education and the pool

When you are at the pool you’ll see all kinds of people. People sunning themselves, talking, relaxing, playing on their phones.

Here’s a clue. You can do that ANYWHERE. Who is making THE MOST of their experience, getting THE MOST out of their hard-earned money spent to be where there is a pool? Answer: Those actually IN the pool. Alright, Mitch…what does a pool have to do with being in business. Answer: Plenty.

The pool is education in your field. Instead of immersing yourself in the readily available knowledge that exists (the pool), most find an opportunity to find an excuse not to. Around the pool, you’ll hear excuses like “How much chlorine is in the pool?” “The water is too cold” or “My hair will get wet” or “I don’t know how to swim”.

Here is the reality.  If you want to learn how to swim, you have to get in the pool. 

If you want to learn how to better your business in any field, you have to take advantage of the educational opportunities that exist for you RIGHT NOW. My four-step formula for LIFE is explained in my rave-reviewed keynote ROAR. Sure, you can “dip your toe into the pool” but by doing that, where will your business actually be in month, six months or a year? Dipping the toe in doesn’t involve any risk. What’s the better option?

Alright, that’s all well and good. How do I know what pool (education) to get in? Answer: Research. What areas of business do you need the most improvement on? Start there. Find someone who EXCELS in this area and HIRE them to take it over for you. If you can’t do that, ask them who they might recommend to assist you. Time is the fire in which we burn (Delmore Schwarz quote), and your time as an entrepreneur is finite, as tomorrow is promised to no one. Sign up for a class in what you want to learn the most after doing research about the teacher to see how you’ll benefit. Another strong recommendation (and another article) is to find your mentor’s mentor. Who coached them to success?

Find that person and see if they can help you.

Are you tired of watching from the table and chairs on the side of the pool? Consider this your “push”, your invitation to jump right into what’s available to you. Today is here. Are you going to be in the same exact place tomorrow that you are right now? Don’t be. Take action. Do it now. Dive into what exists for you or if not, you’ll find yourself in the same freezing cold position watching everyone else enjoying the fun and opportunities that exist by immersing themselves in the knowledge that is readily available right now.

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