End Boring Voicejail

Since learning from a mentor of mine that most people’s office voicemails stink, I had been creative on my office line and have received compliments on my voicemail there.

However, my personal voicemail still hadn’t been changed. I don’t know why….part of me just figured it was fine, the other part of me struggled because people call my personal cell for different reasons and it’s not just clients who call. As much as I had listened to him for my business, I just chose to do nothing when it came to my personal voicemail. When was the last time you changed yours? Want the secret to not having a boring voicemail? Keep reading.

A few days ago that same mentor called my cell phone. Ironically enough he got my voicemail and he left a message of his own.

However, his message didn’t consist of simply “This is Jeffrey, give me a callback.” Jeffrey left me with a message to call him AND a unique voicemail that will cause the listener to stop, make them think and in return help separate me from my competition. This voicemail also helps position me as an expert in the marketplace. What does your voicemail do? Bore people to death or get them talking about you?

Here are a couple of tips to help WOW with your voicemail.

  1. Don’t start with hello. Everyone starts with “hello” or “thank you for calling XYZ DJ”. Start with something completely different. Start with a question surrounding your USP. A-HA! Now you’re talking (and they are listening).
  2. Cute Factor Increased. Have your kids record your voicemail for you. (Most) People love kids. Bonus points if they say something funny while you only give them an outline of what to say. Humor is the fastest way to connection.

Finally, end with WHY they should work with you or connect with you. Create a WOW experience with how fast you can return their call. The key is to stand out from your competition, where the client most likely IS stuck in voicejail. Being different will create a mental shift within your potential client and endear themselves to you.

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