Evolution and Implementation

I recently wrote a quote on my Facebook wall that said: “Things aren’t necessary for love.” I encourage everyone to brainstorm and write whenever the inspiration strikes you. It’s how I come up with many of the articles that I write.

I sat on that quote on my wall for a few hours and then updated it to read “It’s not things that are necessary for love, but actions.” That was a very quick evolution of thought that I wrote down that day. My question to you is “What’s your evolution?” What are you doing to improve in certain areas of your business?

Many of us talk about evolving, becoming better. However, what are you really doing? Many people say that they have XX plus years of experience. The reality is, if you haven’t evolved if you’re not doing anything different than you did in that first year, then you may have just one year of experience repeated XX years in a row. Every customer is different with what they want. Think about your own evolution and how you can improve. I believe you should always be growing as an individual. Sure you can go to a conference, listen to a podcast, attend a workshop and those are all great. When was the last time you did that? 

Now here’s a better question. When was the last time you implemented something you learned from one of those experiences?

What is the ONE THING right now you need to get right in your business? What ONE ACTION STEP can you take towards your goal? Maybe your ONE THING is that you have recorded yourself (either audio or video) and realize that you don’t smile enough when talking with a customer. Go right now and put a smiley face emoji on the top of your laptop by where the camera is so you have a constant reminder to smile before you crack your mic. Your ONE THING might be you don’t measure your sales incoming leads enough to know your closing ratios. Set up a Google spreadsheet TODAY and put in formulas to help track your leads vs. your closing ratios. What’s your ONE THING that you NEED to implement TODAY?

The key to evolving is implementation. Without evolving, you’re just going through the motions of life.

That’s not cool. Anjelica Houston said, “Where there is age, there is evolution. Where there is life, there is growth.” Life is meant to be lived. Life is meant to be felt. Life is meant to be given. I encourage you to give your life, to live your life and grow throughout your experiences. Get out there and travel, experience something different and gain a new perspective on your life. Evolution SHOULD be constant. What are you doing to EVOLVE? What are you doing to give and live your life?

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