Get out of Your Sell

Too often we as small business owners can get stuck with our head down, working in our business. That doesn’t help you see the bigger picture of what is happening around you.

You may look up and realize no one’s BUYING. People aren’t paying attention to your advertising. That’s OK. We’ve all probably been there at least once in our career. The point is you shouldn’t stay there, or at least you shouldn’t if you want to be successful.

Let me give you an example. An entrepreneur was very successful, thinking he was rocking his business when he looked up after what he thought was a short time (it was really almost 3 years) and realized that a competitor had pretty much taken a marketplace from him. He was focused too much working IN his business that he forgot to be working ON his business. What did he need to change?

He needed a business coach, someone to hold him accountable for the processes needed to be implemented across all facets of his business to stay the course and continue his market domination.

Has your past mindset and putting your head down killed your opportunity for current growth? Are you not keeping up with the trends? Ask a local entrepreneur about a cause near and dear to their heart. What can you do together to collaborate and give back to that cause? Find a business coach to truly hold your feet to the fire to keep yourself on track so you don’t let another 3 or so years go by in your business and some other hungrier entrepreneur steal your marketplace. Get out of your sell and STOP selling and start helping. 

It’s why this article is titled Get Out Of Your Sell.

Too often we get focused on the needs of needing to sell, to make more money, to keep money coming in, that we lose focus on what made us successful in the first place. That is relationships, connecting with our clients and our team, and serving heart first. The reality is people aren’t REALLY buying our stuff.

Those are things that we offer and what the client may THINK they are buying but the reality is we are selling an experience. A transfer of emotion. A feeling (or many). Get out of your SELL and get into what your customers and YOU want out of your business. Ray Davies of the Kinks said, “Give the people what they want.” Truer words in business have never been spoken.

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