How Star Wars Applies to Business

How does Star Wars apply to your business? 

Recently a close friend of mine came up from Metro Detroit to my house to hang out for the weekend while my wife was away visiting her parents. My son wanted to do a Star Wars marathon so we thought, “Cool! Guys weekend…let’s watch.” Of course, the big question for some is “Where do you start in the saga? Do you start at 1 or start at 4?”

As we are sitting there watching, all the movie lines start popping into your head. “We’re doomed” “I’ve got a bad feeling about this” “These aren’t the droids you’re looking for”. I’ve probably seen the Star Wars trilogies and full saga several dozen times. Since I know the series inside and out and I’m always thinking like an entrepreneur, my mind began to wander to how to apply this to business. I began to think “How often do you go back to the books you’ve read? The seminars I’ve taken notes at different conferences over the years? The workshops I’ve taken?”

Movies you go back to because you loved the movie.

If you had a GREAT workshop or seminar experience, don’t you wish you could go back to it? With a workshop you can’t really do that (aside from taking the workshop again, which you should), but when was the last time you went through your notes from a seminar? A book you loved? A podcast you listened to?

All of these educational opportunities aren’t meant to be a one and done.  They are meant to be RESOURCES. They are meant to be referred back to, looked at with a fresh or refreshed perspective. It’s been stated that you cannot step in the same river twice. Your knowledge base currently I’m sure is different since your last experience with that content as you have had different life experiences since then. Go back and glean MORE knowledge and information from the content you previously enjoyed and take it in from a new perspective.

One of my favorite apps to use to take notes at a seminar is called AudioNote2.

I love AudioNote 2 because it allows me to type notes during the seminar and also record it at the same time on my computer. Then, when I want to refer back to something that the speaker said, I can just click the time code and it will bring me back to that part of the seminar or information being shared and I can re-listen to it again. This way you’re not fast-forwarding (I just related to all of the age 40 plus readers thinking about a VCR now) or trying to find WHERE in the speech or talk that the nugget you want to listen to again is. It’s kind of like having tracks on CD kids.  Just search for AudioNote 2 in your device’s app store and thank me later the next time you see me at a conference.

Any and all of your educational opportunities can be turned into resources. Resources that you can and should use over and over again to help you at different stages in your business and in life. Realize that almost everything in your life (including Star Wars) can be learning and growing experience for you and your business. You just have to be open-minded enough to realize it, see it and grow into it. If you don’t, “you’re doomed.”

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