How Does the NFL Apply to Your Business?

Last year I vividly remember my friend being distraught about how his team lost in the last second of a game.

As the final seconds were ticking away his team was ahead and he was happy, and, just like that, the other team snatched victory from the jaws of defeat. How does that apply to your business?

Two NFL franchises playing through the final minutes, keeping the momentum going, they never stopped. That’s also the key with you and your business. From a sales standpoint, you can’t stop the follow up. You can’t just you know, follow up once, twice, three times, you’re done. 1,2, 3 times of follow up is NOT going to win you the business. As discussed in a previous article, it’s not follow up, it’s follow THROUGH. 🙂

Let me share with you an example. We had a potential client contact us literally, last November, TWO YEARS AGO. She just booked us two days ago! Now had we not had some sort of follow up in place, had we not had some sort of social media campaigns, where she had liked our page and was still continuing to stay in touch with us, she probably would not have booked with us. Not only did she book, but she bought more than she previously had planned. That’s awesome.

In regards to the actual business cycle, you can’t rest on your laurels, you have to be getting better.

How do you get better? You immerse yourself in training whenever you can get it in areas where you’re weakest. Maybe it’s sales, maybe it’s not. Whatever area you need help, you and your team should constantly be striving for that next level, versus being complacent and sitting on your laurels. 

The NFL player who won that game for his team, he had to keep his balance. You do as well. If you lose your balance, your business (and the win) will come crashing to the ground. You can’t have so much forward momentum that you fall flat on your face because you weren’t properly balanced in business. Balance (and mental health) is a REAL thing. Balance is 100% necessary to reach your goals. You must be ready to show up and work at your craft 100%. If you’re not 100%, maybe it’s time to take a mental or physical break just to recharge your batteries. Most every professional athlete has an off-season and a time to recharge. You need one as well.

Don’t get so busy working and grinding that you forget to enjoy life.

I encourage you, if you’re still breathing, you’re still kicking in the game of sales, keep the follow up going. Stay in touch with your clients until they say no. Maintain a strict follow up plan and keep your balance to keep moving towards that end goal. Keep striving for improvement and above all else, always keep believing in yourself.

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