It Never Stops

Life never stops. Your sales cycle should be the same way. Sell when you perform and perform when you sell is a great quote from one of my sales mentors, Jorge Lopez.

Jorge is an amazing resource on sales and that’s exactly what you have to be to your clients at the start of the sales cycle, you must be a resource. Just yesterday I got an email from a client who needs to move her planning appointment and then she also wants to get my opinion on the timeline. What did she say afterward? She thanked me for helping her and being more than she expected. 

How can you be a resource to your clients? First, provide solutions in advance to their most common problem. What are some of your client’s common problems? If you don’t know, survey your clients and find out. Research. Ask questions online. This is important information you need to know to move you forward in business. Your goal as a business is to be seen as a resource and be someone that helps them get what they want. 

In your sales cycle, you need to constantly stay top of mind with your clients.

We as a society are bombarded with SO many different marketing messages that if you don’t you certainly will get lost in the noise. Your job as a company is to market to the people in the areas that they frequent so you can serve them the best way possible.

What else doesn’t stop? Life. I mentioned that at the opening of this article as well. We are only here for a short time. It’s important that you are making a positive impact somehow, someway. A positive impact on your loved ones, the people you admire or even just a random stranger on the street. I want to encourage you to think about that as you move forward in your life. How are you doing your best work in life right now? If you’re not, why aren’t you?

Ask yourself that question.

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