No Scrubs

So I’m sitting in the Chicago OHare airport on my way to speak at a conference today when I see one of the cleaning ladies come by.

On her shirt in red letters is one word…one word that struck me funny and odd at the same time. I actually couldn’t believe what I saw. That one word was “scrub”.

Scrub. Now seriously, what company in their right mind would have an employee wear that on the front of their uniform. What person with any sense of self-worth would want to wear that? I’m sure she’s a woman like everyone else with her own set of problems, struggles, and everyday challenges. I would even venture to say that she needs to keep working at that job as she needs the money.

I would also be willing to bet that the owner of the company she works for doesn’t go to work every day with the word “scrub” emblazoned across his or her shirt pocket where their name should be.

Now the cleaning company that employed Mrs. Scrub could surely have come up with something a bit more imaginative and/or something that their employees should be proud to wear instead of embarrassed. What about “the cleaning wizard” or “Queen of Trash”? What’s in your name or title?

What’s your title and what does it say about you? Your title should reflect your style and how you handle yourself. It should be representative of your company and the level of service you try to provide. Think clients don’t care about your title…that it’s meaningless? Think again. EVERYTHING about your company and you communicates a message to your prospective client. Where do you think I came up with the idea for this article?

Take time now to get creative. Ask your past clients how they would describe your services and what you offer.

Better yet, go through your online reviews and write down all of the descriptive words that your clients use to talk about your services and see which one comes up the most, 2nd and 3rd most. There you have it….there’s your new, FUN, creative title. Now be sure to LIVE that title every day in every way. You’ve earned it.

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