Perspective (One Step Back)

I write many of my articles on flights and this one is no different. I’m currently on a plane to Charlotte connecting to St. Maarten for a long-needed vacation with my wife.

I’m a firm believer in the motto “Work Hard…Play Hard” and would also advise one more two-word phrase to follow that. “Live Hard” To me the epitome of the phrase “Live Hard” is my good friend Sean “Big Daddy” McKee. If you haven’t met this man PLEASE do yourself a favor, reach out on Facebook and get to know the inspiration that is Big Daddy. Big Daddy is a two-time cancer survivor and a man who does more events in a week than I sometimes do in a month. His dedication to having a positive impact on people’s everyday lives is an inspiration to me and everyone I know that he comes in contact with. Live Hard. mile As Loud As You Can. 🙂

How do you live every day? How do you approach your daily routine? In a previous seminar I’ve given, the very first video that opens the seminar speaks of positive affirmations and shows a DARLING little girl standing on top of the sink top in front of her parent’s bathroom mirror going through all the things she loves. It’s SO CUTE but really speaks to how you need to approach every single day. If you start your day in a positive mindset you will be better prepared to take on each day’s challenges that await you.

How do you clear your mind? How do you approach each day fresh?

To me, one must re-charge their batteries in order to remain healthy both in mind, body, and soul. I take at least one vacation a year with my wife to the islands. To a place where there are no cell phones, no connection to the outside world (save for a once-daily check of email…hey I’m still a business owner 🙂 ) and a way to just get away from it all and see the world and truly appreciate what we have in our lives. When was the last time you got away and recharged your batteries? Vacations are one way to gain perspective and take one step back.

Another way to gain perspective is to take one step back before dealing with any major situations in your business. I wrote an article a little while back entitled “Analysis Paralysis” and it’s a true statement. You shouldn’t let the wealth of information about a certain subject or decision impair your ability to truly sift through the information and make an informed move on something going on in your business. On the flip side of this equation, you shouldn’t be quick to respond to something or someone without first consulting with your coaches around you.

Maybe you don’t have any coaches…

If you don’t have coaches then at bare-bones minimum you should write out your thoughts and feelings on a topic in a blank Word document, save it…then wait 24 hours before looking at the information again and making a decision (thank you, Jim Cerone, for this idea). Sometimes our gut decision can be a rash one and could have a detrimental impact on your business. Trust me…I’ve made this mistake before and wish I had the sage advice of my good friend Jim ringing in my head before I pushed send on an email.

Perspective. It’s VERY IMPORTANT to have this approach in your daily life. I encourage you, dear reader, to take these words to heart to improve your business and your life. Work Hard. Play Hard. Live Hard.

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