Rip off the Rearview Mirror

Rip off the rearview mirror. Don’t look back. Always keep improving.

I got a call from a business owner out of the blue the other day and his statements somewhat surprised me. He said biz had slowed down and he was struggling a bit. He blamed it on himself first saying he hadn’t been beating the pavement as much as he had in the past but then upon my suggestion of things he could do to better his situation (after all he did call me, right), the verbal posturing began and suddenly the blame is placed upon his competition, the market and everything else.

Why am I sharing this with you in this space? Because I’m sure that you have been in this same place at one time or another. I know I have.

Look in the mirror. Dead in the eyes. Realize YOU have the power to control your life. We live in the land where dreams are made, during a technological revolution. Stop making excuses and take advantage of the incredible opportunity that lays before you. Seize it. TODAY. Right Now.

Where do you draw your inspiration? I write this coming back from a conference of my peers and being around them inspires me to do great things, better things. What inspires you?

For me, it’s my kids. It’s the look on a happy customer’s face, that genuine smile of knowing from someone that you went above and beyond to take care of them. It’s the knowledge that I continually need to improve and step up my game because some young buck is coming up behind me somewhere hungry to take over my business and get his cut.

Rip off the rearview mirror. Don’t look back. Always keep improving.

If you need help with motivation and things you can do to be better, check out my friend Mike Walter’s book “10 Things You Can Do To Have A Better Day.” A great read.

I’ll let you in on a little secret. You know someone else that inspires me? Go look in the mirror. It’s you. You, your passion, desire and drive for this business. Now go out and make someone’s day better!

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