Sharing Is Caring

sharing is caring

Why is it that you do what you do? What motivates you? Whatever your focus is in your business world or life itself in general….

WHY do you do what you do? What was your initial purpose to get into the business? What’s your motive now? Is it the same or have you evolved (hopefully)?

What’s YOUR story? Does your client know your story? Does your story SHARE your passion? Do you think if your client knew your story would it endear you more to them? Is your story on your website? Why or why not? If your story IS on your website (in a logical place where it can be found – think Sales Funnel)…is it just in text form or video form? Why or why not?

If you DON’T have your story on video then you are missing the boat in my opinion. Words are just bland, non-interesting text on a page. (Isn’t it ironic that you’re reading this? HA HA!) When you bring your words to LIFE…when your prospective client can SEE the passion in your facial features as you speak to the camera, they can FEEL the emotion in your voice coming out with you sharing your story. When you speak your words on video and tell…no…SHARE your story with someone it changes everything.

It’s imperative that you know HOW to SHARE your story effectively.

Words are like balloons and the emotions that you want your audience to feel must be inserted via your intonation, cadence, tone, and inflection. If you are boring, using the same tone and same cadence throughout your audience will tire quickly and will tune you out. BOOM. One more person crossed OFF the list. Yet when you can use the basics of communication and speak educated with purpose and meaning…giving the words you choose depth and feeling then you will draw your viewer into your message and into you and they begin to CONNECT with you and want to learn more and take further action.

There are many classes and opportunities that exist for you to become better at extemporaneous speaking. Visit for the nearest group in your area and/or visit a comedy club and find when they are hosting their next improv workshop in your area. Make it a priority to grow in these areas of communication, as it will only help you in your public speaking skills and in the development of your business.

Some will say “But Mitch….clients don’t care about me”. You would be correct.

They care about themselves, their needs and what your product or service can do for them. However, they don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care. This is where SHARING your story becomes important. When you SHARE something…you come from a place of a common understanding of the desired goal. I’m sharing my pizza with a friend because we are both hungry and I don’t want to see them starve.

I’m sharing my story because I want the client to understand how much I care about what I do and how passionate I can be to have my product or service deliver FOR THEM. SHARING is collaboration. SHARING is caring. SHARING leads to a sense of coming together for the good of the desired outcome. SHARING is WIN WIN. It is from the sharing component and combined vision together that you can move forward and have a better sales consultation.

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