Trust the Process

What’s your process? I’m not talking about the sales process this time. I’m speaking about your planning process, how you move your product or service through your company with final delivery to your customer.

In that time frame before final delivery, are you missing opportunities for referrals? If you’re not touching base with your clients from the time the order to the time you deliver, you’re allowing self-doubt and potential buyers’ remorse to creep into their minds.

Not only should you be laying out your process from a follow-up standpoint with email, but what about social media? Do you have a marketing calendar setup to garner eyeballs, grow and extend relationships with your clients via social media? By creating a full-on contact calendar, you can stay top of mind with your clients personally and socially.

Here’s a way to do this effectively.

  1. Setup an email campaign that connects your client to your business, informs them of delivery and follows up after the sale and delivery to ensure their happiness with your service or product.  
  2. Setup scheduled social media posts to attract other like-minded individuals based upon your target client’s demographics, likes, and other data.  

Make a road map of the exact steps a client takes to go through your full funnel in your business. Write out even some of the little steps that may seem like a no-brainer, because trust me, they may not seem so easy to someone else. This way if/when you bring someone else into your business or hire a new employee, they will know exactly what is expected of them at every single step along the way.

When communicating the process with your client be sure to speak in ways that benefit them.

Know what your client truly wants out of your service or product and go above and beyond to ensure they receive it and want to shout your company name to the rooftops to all of their friends.

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