Two Ways and Two Words to Be More Able

When one hears that question, they may think immediately to if they are “able-bodied”?

Or they may think of someone asking them to do something and if they can fit it into their busy schedule or not. Those are true thoughts but I would encourage you to start thinking of “able” in a different context.


Are you personable? Do your actions or words resonate with people? How do you move people emotionally? How can you ensure you are more personable to those you come into contact with on a daily basis? Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty of how to connect with someone and be more personable.

What are the 2 most important words in connecting? What might you say to become more personable? Words you can use to draw out what is important to someone?


People love to share stories. When you use the 2 most important words in connecting you genuinely become interested. You want to know more. You gain a deeper level of connection because the person speaking feels engaged and they will go on with their story in greater detail, sharing more intimate details of the situation and providing you with a greater opportunity to connect on a different subject matter or in a different way.


Empathy equals excellence. You create a connection when you create an emotional experience for your potential client. How can you create an emotional experience for a potential client? How can you ensure that once you both go your separate ways from the connection that you stay memorable with the person? How can you guarantee that they think about you long after your parting?

Here’s one idea. Hand a card to your clients at the end of your meeting. This card is good for FREE (insert low-cost high value offering here) when you use the hashtag #InsertYourCompanyHashtagHere and post about your experience with us on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. Third-party advertising is huge and a great way to boost your reach in a market.

Remember, People can only get what you offer from you. It is your unique advantage. In order to capitalize on your unique advantage, you must be personable and memorable in every point of contact you may have with someone. The better prepared you are the more effective and enjoyable the experience can be.

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