Where There’s a Will There’s a Way

I recently had a situation where I had to try to get something done. I tried three different phone calls to this guy to be able to put up flyers in his place of business. I called back before Christmas. I called after Christmas break. I called again a day or two later and got nothing.

OK no answer, no response. What do I do? I didn’t just keep the same approach, even though I could have. However, the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. There might be a better, easier way.

If you get stuck in a situation I encourage you to do what I did and take a step back and assess the situation again and ask yourself “How can I get to the outcome I want out of this a different way?” In this situation, I called a relative of mine who works at this place of business and he sent a text to the guy I was trying to get a hold of. Shortly after I got a text from my relative that we were all good to go. One phone call. Two texts. My problem was solved. The key is to not get discouraged yet find another way.

A friend of mine Jason Klock out of Harrisburg Pennsylvania runs an amazing business. He’s an amazing talent and an amazing guy.

Recently he and I were talking about different things in business and Jason made a comment to me that really stuck out. Jason said “Don’t fight in your decisions. Fight out fight through the fight for your decisions.” LOVE that piece of wisdom that I got from Jason and I wanted to share it with you here.

The lessons I learned in this situation that I want to be sure are imparted to you are these:

  1.  Don’t get discouraged. Take a step back, assess your situation and ask yourself “Is there a better way to get the outcome I want?”
  2. Leverage your connections, find out who you know that may be able to help you and leverage the opportunities that exist for you. 
  3. “Don’t fight in your decisions. Fight out fight through fight FOR your decisions”  – Jason Klock.

Bottom line, it pays to take a step back and find a different way to get what you want.

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