How Star Wars Applies to Business

how star wars applies to business

How does Star Wars apply to your business?  Recently a close friend of mine came up from Metro Detroit to my house to hang out for the weekend while my wife was away visiting her parents. My son wanted to do a Star Wars marathon so we thought, “Cool! Guys weekend…let’s watch.” Of course, the…

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Why Fresh Eyes Are Important in Customer Service

sum tertius

It’s time to get your minds right to serve your potential clientele. It’s very important that you approach every interaction with a client with a blank slate. Your mind can’t be thinking about the upcoming ballgame with your kid that night, or the last two appointments that didn’t book with you, or the fight you…

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How Do You Deal With Emotional Employees

emotional employees

Dealing with emotional employees is and always will be a challenge. It’s important to be sympathetic to their needs when they are going through a particularly challenging time. We as employers also need to look in the mirror and see how we could help our employees better deal with the emotional stress of the job…

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Want vs. Need

want vs need

I was tuned in to the TV recently and I’m constantly amazed at the barrage of ads and messages sent to us regarding products and services. Target marketing has been around for years and of course, my kids (and present company included of course) are prone to seeing a brand, ad or message and immediately…

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Don’t Project Your Views

dont project your views

I wear my heart and my emotions on my sleeve. I oftentimes find myself getting angry about something and I end up taking it out on my wife or take it out on my kids. I shouldn’t do that. What I need to realize that these are my own issues; that I may be upset…

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What Are They Really Buying?

what are they really buying

For my wife’s birthday, we went to a very high-end restaurant. Upon perusing the menu, one side of my brain thought “choose the steak…you love steak…it will be good….you’ll be happy”. The more adventurous side of my brain LOVED the description used for their dish entitled Crazy Chicken. It had all of the ingredients that…

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